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Webcast Troubleshooting

Step 1: Is it YOU or ME? 

Not every issues is on YOUR end. We recommend logging into our live event chat and asking if others are having problems.
Click here to open the live chat window

Step 2: Okay, it's just on MY computer
So, no one else is having your issue. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Flash may be damaged on your computer.
    Can you view flash on sites like Youtube? If not, try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.
    Click here for the Windows Uninstaller | Click here for the Mac Uninstaller
  • I get audio but only black for video.
    Try refreshing the window, then try restarting your browser. Lastly, try using a different browser. Flash is buggy and sometimes the player just loads black. It doesn't happen often, but it can be annoying. Usually a simple page refresh works.
  • I get a "stream not found" error
     Sometimes this is just a flash glitch. Try the steps for fixing the Audio but no Video problem. Or, Click here to open the live chat window and see if others are having the problem. Sometimes we're having issues at the server end and there's nothing wrong with your computer.
  • All I see is a countdown timer!
    The timer won't reload the page once it counts down. Try refreshing the page. If it's still not starting, Click here to open the live chat window and see if others are only seeing the timer. Chances are, we've posted the issue in the chat window and we're working on it.


Step 3: I STILL can't load it and others aren't having issues!
Try this

  • Restart your Modem
  • Restart your Router (sometimes your modem and router are the same unit)
  • Restart your Computer
  • If you are using wifi, you may want to disconnect and connect directly via Ethernet to see if that helps.
  • Quit any open applications running on your computer except your browser
  • Close ALL tabs except the webcast page in your browser (after having restarted your browser first)

Step 4: I'm still stuck, just help me now please!
Use the contact form in this support area, or send an email to with 

  • Description of your problem as best as you can describe it (including error messages)
  • Any steps you took to try to fix the issue (see above)
  • Address of the specific webcast page you are trying to view (or just mention it's the free webcast)
  • Speed of your connection. You can visit, click on the City CLOSEST TO YOU and then make a note of your DOWNLOAD speed.


Step 5: If we email you back and ask you for more details,
visit and generate a report

  • Visit the link listed above
  • In the green box, enter YOUR name, then YOUR email, and then in the Recipient's E-mail box, enter 
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