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Youtube Troubleshooting

Many of our live webcast streams use Youtube as the player and sometimes, issues do crop up. Here are a few you might encounter:

  1. My video keeps looping back, or my video seems like it's not new footage (it's no longer live)
    Sometimes Youtube gets confused if you have paused the live feed. Make sure the red dot is lit next to the word Live. If it's not, click on the word live until the red dot comes on. Or simply refresh the page and it should go live again.

  2. All I see are advertisement slides!
    Don't worry! Sometimes we start the feed before the actual service has started, so we run slides into the feed so you know it's working. Check the event schedule to see when the service starts, and be mindful of the time zone. it's possible the service doesn't start when you think it should start :)

  3. Can I watch this on
    Yes! Simply click the youtube icon on the player and it will open on the youtube website. There you'll get a slightly larger player (there's more room in the youtube page layout than we have in our site layout). You can also make comments on the youtube site about the webcast.
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